As a service company dedicated to life on board and maintenance with an eco-responsible approach, we strive to ensure that your first moments on board are as unforgettable as the day you bought your boat.

Your boat is on its way, and the departure date is drawing near. Yet, amidst the excitement, there are still numerous decisions to make and details to settle, particularly concerning life on board. Where should the boat be named? Can we arrange for a smooth handover of the boat? Will the kayak fit in the hold? Which sheets should be chosen for the cabins? What crockery should be selected? What provisions are needed for the kitchen? Can we customize the boat's name with embroidery? How can we send our belongings to the boat? Where can we find a qualified skipper? What cleaning equipment should we prepare?

Drawing from our extensive experience in the boating world, one thing is certain: the joy you'll experience upon arriving on your boat, finding it clean and decorated to your liking, with everything meticulously installed by our team. Supplies will be ready, beds neatly made, and everything tidily arranged, leaving you only to unpack your suitcases and take the helm, perhaps with the assistance of a skipper for your initial outings.

Through our online store, on-site services, and partnerships, in collaboration with your dealer, we are committed to making this experience a reality while addressing all your queries and needs.

Who are we?
Margot and Sebastien - Owners One from the Caribbean, having lived either on an island or on a boat, the other a Rochelais working in the boating industry, our paths crossed on the docks of La Rochelle, where we each worked in boat services and sales. Through numerous discussions, we felt compelled to establish our own human size company, to address the needs of both our clients and our longstanding partners.

Our long time partners:

Fountaine Pajot - Nautitech - Amel - Leopard Catamarans

Thank you for your trust.